About Niš

City of Niš is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans, located 240km south of Serbian capital Belgrade. It is a city situated by the river Nišava with more than 250.000 inhabitants, and the centre of the Southeastern region of the country. Positioned at the crossroads, City of Niš connects the Balkans to Europe, and Europe to the Near East. That is why it has always been considered a gateway between The East and The West. It is very easy to reach City of Niš either by Constantine the Great airport or by railroad and highway. University of Niš is composed of 13 faculties with more than 20.000 students. Niš is the birthplace of the famous Roman emperor Constantine the Great who issued the Edict of Milan in 313 embracing Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire. In 2013, the city hosted the Ecumenical Assembly of Christian Churches to mark 1700 years of Constantine's Edict of Milan. It is the home of many festivals and cultural events, good food and restaurants and rich nightlife.



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Niš ekspres, web: http://www.nis-ekspres.rs/
Niš has public transportation, but almost all the venues (the Faculty, majority of recommended hotels and accommodations, restaurants, etc.) can easily be reached by foot (they are within walking distance).
There are many taxi companies in Niš, and it is recommended to call them and request a ride rather than to stop them on the street, because there are also unlicensed taxies that drive without the taximeter. The average price of a taxi ride during the day is usually 2 to 5 € (for distances between 2 and 8 km).
Recommended taxi companies:
Lift taxi: +381 18 251025
Prvi taxi: +381 18 45 0000 5