IEEESTEC 16th Student projects conference (2023)

Danijel Danković

The sixteenth student conference, "IEESTEC 16th Student projects conference", was held on November 23, 2023. The conference was organized by the student branch of IEEE SB Niš, EESTEC LC Niš and the Faculty of Electronics in Niš, in cooperation with IEEE Serbia&Montenegro Section, IEEE Electron Devices/Solid-State Circuits Chapter, IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Chapter, IEEE WIE Affinity Group and IEEE Computational Intelligence Chapter, with the support of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts (SASA) Branch in Niš, as well as the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

At the IEEE SB Niš meeting held in February 2023, the initiative to organize the conference "IEEESTEC 16th Student projects conference" was supported. IEEE Section Serbia and Montenegro supported this initiative.

We sent an invitation for the conference to the authors of papers from previous conferences, to all student organizations in Serbia, student branches of IEEE, members of IEEE Section Serbia and Montenegro. The total number of papers received is 80 (from the fields: electronics, microelectronics, telecommunications, automation, energy, computing and informatics, physics, student mobility...). All papers have passed the peer review stage, with a minimum of three peer reviews provided for each paper. 54 professors and associates of the Faculty of Electronics in Niš helped in the review process.
Based on the received reviews, the awards were awarded:

1st award
Paper VTŠFit Application for injury prevention during exercise using artificial intelligence
Authors: Aleksa Zdravković, Strahinja Antić, Mihajlo Cekić, Petar Virijević, Kristina Stevanović, Nikola Vukotić
Institution: Academy of Technical-Educational Vocational Studies Department of Niš, Faculty of Electronics Niš

2nd award
a) Paper: Exploring Chaos in the Chua Oscillator
Authors: Emilija Sredojević
Institution: Šabac Gymnasium, Research Station Petnica

b) Paper: Design and implementation of an application for visualization of the topology of local computer networks
Authors: Vukašin Dobromirović
Institution: Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš

3rd award
Paper: Realization of a simple optical scanner
Authors: Ana Cvetanović, Jana Milošević, Natalija Deljanin, Marko Đorđević, Milan Stojanović
Institution: Faculty of Electronic Engineering Niš

In the category Paper with the best practical realization, and based on the Decision of the Organizational Committee of the Conference, the following prizes were awarded:

1st award
Paper: Realization of 3D scanner using Raspberry Pi 4 platform
Authors: Milutin Dinić
Institution: Faculty of Electronic Engineering Niš

2nd award
a) Paper: A smart motion detection system based on the Arduino platform
Authors: Stefan Korica
Institution: School Center “Nikola Tesla”, Vršac

b) Paper: ROBO-Clean: air cleaning robot
Authors: Teodor Jovanović
Institution: Sixth Belgrade Gymnasium, Belgrade

3rd award
Paper: Designing a passive LED matrix using a Constant Current LED driver
Authors: Sava Dinić
Institution: Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Belgrade

Based on the submitted papers, the Faculty of Electronics in Niš published the Proceedings of the IEEESTEC 16th Student projects conference, ISBN: 978-86-6125-273-0. The editors of the Proceedings are: Prof. Dr. Vera Marković, Prof. Dr. Danijel Danković, Prof. Dr. Zlatica Marinković, Prof. Dr. Biljana Stošić, Prof. Dr. Emilija Živanović and Dr. Miloš Marjanović. The conference was organized by the Organizing Committee, which consisted of: prof. Dr. Danijel Danković, president of the conference and Dr. Miloš Marjanović, vice-president of the conference. The secretariat of the conference consisted of Jana Vračar, Aleksandra Stojković, Nikola Mitrović, Milan Stojanović, Sandra Veljković, Neda Stanojević, Anđela Kocić, Stefan Nikolić, Nemanja Nedeljković, Anastasija Avramović, Nikola Stojiljković, Strahinja Dimitrijević, Mikica Radenković, Teodora Popović i Sandra Miljković.

All participants had the opportunity to present their papers through the poster section, and the award-winning authors presented their papers live.

Award in the IEEE Woman in Engineering category. Based on the decision of the Organizing Committee of the Conference, the following was awarded:

1st award
Paper: Recognition of some elements of sign language using machine learning
Authors: Natalija Ivković
Institution: Faculty of Electronics Niš

The award in the IEEE MTT Special Award category was awarded to:

1st award
Paper: Modeling a Fractal Antenna in sing Artificial Neural Networks
Authors: Filip Goldberger
Institution: Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad

The award in the category Paper with the greatest innovation potential was awarded to:

1st award
a) Paper: Dryer for drying plums
Authors: Bata Anđelković, Lazar Pešić, Tamara Mitrović, Igor Trajković
Institution: Technical School “Rade Metalac”, Leskovac

b) Paper: Overview of the Convergence of Augmented Reality with Ubiquitous Learning to Advance Education
Authors: Kristina Petrović
Institution: Politecnico di Milano, Milano

By decision of the Conference Organizing Committee for the best paper of the IEEESTEC conference, proposed for the IEEE Region 8 Student Paper Contest 2024 (Academician Ninoslav Stojadinović award) ( paper-contest) was selected:

1st award
Paper: Comparative analysis of algorithms for generating realistic snowflakes
Authors: Emilija Sredojević
Institution: Užice Gymnasium, Užice

All authors received as promotional material of the IEEESTEC conference: a collection of papers, a ballpoint pen, a notebook and a certificate of participation in the conference. The authors of the best papers were awarded diplomas and special prizes. Conference participants were from the following institutions Academy of Technical and Educational Vocational Studies, Niš, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš, Electrotechnical School "Mihajlo Pupin", Novi Sad, Electrotechnical School "Nikola Tesla", Belgrade, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Batna, Algeria, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad Sad, "Bora Stanković" Gymnasium, Niš, "Svetozar Marković" Gymnasium, Subotica, Leskovac Gymnasium, Petnica Research Station, Knjaževac Gymnasium, Čačak Mechanical and Traffic School, Sabac Gymnasium, Sixth Belgrade Gymnasium, Belgrade, School Center "Nikola Tesla", Vršac, Technical School "Rade Metalac", Leskovac, Technical School Loznica, Technical School Zaječar, Zemun Gymnasium, Belgrade.

We hope that next year this conference will be even better organized and even more massive.