IEEESTEC 15th Student projects conference (2022)

Danijel Danković

The fifteenth student conference, "IEESTEC 15th Student projects conference", was held on November 24, 2022. After a two-year break from holding the conference live, due to the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, this year we again got the opportunity to hold the conference live and regain the spirit of hosting what we had in previous years. The conference was organized by the student branch of IEEE SB Niš, EESTEC LC Niš and the Faculty of Electronics in Niš, in cooperation with IEEE Serbia&Montenegro Section, IEEE Electron Devices/Solid-State Circuits Chapter, IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Chapter, IEEE WIE Affinity Group and IEEE Computational Intelligence Chapter, with the support of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts (SASA) Branch in Niš, as well as the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

At the IEEE SB Niš meeting held in February 2022, the initiative to organize the conference "IEEESTEC 15th Student projects conference" was supported. IEEE Section Serbia and Montenegro supported this initiative.

We sent an invitation for the conference to the authors of papers from previous conferences, to all student organizations in Serbia, student branches of IEEE, members of IEEE Section Serbia and Montenegro. The total number of papers received is 77 (from the fields: electronics, microelectronics, telecommunications, automation, energy, computing and informatics, physics, student mobility...). All papers have passed the peer review stage, with a minimum of three peer reviews provided for each paper. 49 professors and associates of the Faculty of Electronics in Niš helped in the review process.
Based on the received reviews, the awards were awarded:

1. award
Paper: Application for comparing the temperatures of the healthy and diseased side of the face in the Matlab environment
Authors: Tamara Đorđević
Institution: Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš

2. award
Paper: Generation of infinitely long piano synthetic melodies of various genres using created stochastic algorithms
Authors: Maja Milović
Institution: Gymnasium "Svetozar Marković" Subotica, Research Station Petnica

3. award
a) Paper: GPU Implementation of SVM Algorithm
Authors: Nikola Vukotić
Institution: Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš

b) Paper: Linear power source with variable output voltage value using ATMEGA328P microcontroller and digital potentiometer
Authors: Boris Jevtić
Institution: Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš

In the category Paper with the best practical realization, and based on the Decision of the Organizational Committee of the Conference, the following prizes were awarded:

1. award
a) Paper: UGV – Robot SCORPION
Authors: Veljko Aleksić, Aleksandra Aleksić, Predrag Šubarević
Institution: Electrical Engineering School "Nikola Tesla" Niš

b) Paper: Robot with four extremities
Authors: Nikola Branković, Aleksandar Pavlovski
Institution: Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš

2. award
Paper: Practical realization of the electronic circuit of the transistor two-quadrant chopper in the regulation of the speed of the direct current motor
Authors: Ognjen Bunjac, Vid Vuković
Institution: Electrical Engineering School "Mihajlo Pupin" Novi Sad

3. award
Paper: Home automation based on IoT technologies
Authors: Rastko Dragić, Luka Đorđević, Stefan Đilas, Stefan Karać, Sergej Salonski, Filip Goldberger
Institution: Electrical Engineering School "Mihajlo Pupin" Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad

Based on the submitted papers, the Faculty of Electronics in Niš published the Proceedings of the IEEESTEC 15th Student projects conference, ISBN: 978-86-6125-257-0. The editors of the Proceedings are: prof. Dr. Vera Marković, prof. Dr. Danijel Danković, Prof. Dr. Zlatica Marinković, prof. Ph.D. Biljana Stošić, prof. Dr. Emilija Živanović and B.Sc. Miloš Marjanović. The conference was organized by the Organizing Committee, which consisted of: prof. Dr. Danijel Danković, president of the conference and Miloš Marjanović, vice-president of the conference. The secretariat of the conference consisted of Jana Vračar, Aleksandra Stojković, Nikola Mitrović, Milan Stojanović, Sandra Veljković, Neda Stanojević, Marija Živković, Ilija Đorđević Arsić, Nemanja Nedeljković, Anastasija Avramović, Nikola Stojiljković, Strahinja Dimitrijević, Mikica Radenković, Anđela Kocić and Maša Đelić.

All participants had the opportunity to present their papers through the poster section, and the award-winning authors presented their papers live.

Award in the IEEE Woman in Engineering category. Based on the decision of the Organizing Committee of the Conference, the following was awarded:

1. award
Paper: Economic dispatching of thermosystem
Authors: Teodora Denić
Institution: Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš

The award in the IEEE MTT Special Award category was awarded to:

1. award
Paper: Modeling a Fractal Antenna in sing Artificial Neural Networks
Authors: Nemanja Perić, Ksenija Pešić, Zoran Stanković, Nebojša Dončov
Institution: Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš

The award in the category Paper with the greatest innovation potential was awarded to:

1. award
Paper: Designing a smart system for pedestrian crossings
Authors: Aleksandar Vučković
Institution: Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš

This year too, the project "Let STEM visit again IEEESTEC" was implemented and the following were awarded in this category:

1. award
Paper: Projecting and design of a printed circuit board on the example of an LED badge
Authors: Jovana Janjatović, Kosta Jovanović, Mihajlo Ninkov
Institution: Šabac high school, V Belgrade high school, "Jovan Jovanović Zmaj" high school Novi Sad, Research station Petnica

2. award
Paper: Water level measuring device
Authors: Katarina Marković
Institution: Technical school "Rade Metalac" Leskovac

3. award
Operation: DC motor operation control using Arduino environment and TTP223-BA6 touch sensor
Authors: Petar Zdravković, Luka Nikolić, Vukašin Arsić
Institution: Gymnasium "Bora Stanković" Niš

By decision of the Conference Organizing Committee for the best paper of the IEEESTEC conference, proposed for the IEEE Region 8 Student Paper Contest 2023 (Academician Ninoslav Stojadinović award) ( paper-contest) was selected:

1. award
Paper: A platform for training neural networks with a genetic algorithm on simple video games
Authors: Lazar Mančić
Institution: Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš

On November 24th, at the beginning of the ceremony of awarding students as the authors of the best papers (according to reviewers’ remarks), in the frame of the 15th IEEESTEC student projects conference organized at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering of Niš, there was a presentation of the activities of EMC Chapter of the IEEE Serbia and Montenegro Section. The presentation was given by Dr. Vesna Javor, who was the Chair of this Chapter from its foundation in 2011 until 2018. During this presentation, the students were informed about the short history of the EMC Chapter and the organized activities from 2011 to 2022. There was also a discussion with students on many opportunities and advantages of being an IEEE member and a member of the EMC Society. In the end, there was an open call for students to join IEEE and future activities announced for January 2023 (the free course at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering on lightning location systems and on using MATLAB to calculate lightning over-voltages in power systems).
All authors received as promotional material of the IEEESTEC conference: a collection of papers, a ballpoint pen, a notebook and a certificate of participation in the conference. The authors of the best papers were awarded diplomas and special prizes. Conference participants were from the following institutions: Faculty of Electronics in Niš, Academy of Technical Vocational Studies - Department Niš, Electrical Engineering School "Mija Stanimirović", Niš Electrical Engineering School "Mihajlo Pupin" Novi Sad, Gymnasium "Bora Stankovič" Niš, Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade , Polytechnic University of Milan, Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad, Gymnasium "Svetozar Marković" Subotica, Gymnasium "Jovan Jovanović Zmaj" Novi Sad, Research Station Petnica Valjevo, Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, Belgrade, Knjaževačka Gymnasium, Mechanical and Traffic School Čačak, Sabac High School Šabac, Swiss Federal Technical Institute, Zurich (ETH Zurich), Technical School "Rade Metalac" Leskovac, Electrical Technical School "Nikola Tesla" Niš, Electrical Technical School Pirot, Toplička Academy of Vocational Studies Prokuplje, V Belgrade High School Belgrade.

We hope that next year this conference will be even better organized and even more massive.