Organizers of IEEESTEC conference ( want to share with you good news with you! The results of IEEE R8 Student Paper Contest 2018 are published on The finalists of IEEE R8 Student Paper Contest 2018 are Marko Mihajlović, student of Faculty of Electronic Engineering from Niš and Nikola Popović, student of Faculty of Electrical Engineering from Belgrade. Their paper named „Fooling a neural network with common adversarial noise“ is proclaimed as the best on IEEESTEC Student's paper conference. To remind you, IEEESTEC Student's paper conference was held 10th time in a row at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš, 23rd of November 2017. There were 150 autors from 22 different educational institutions, and 75 papers were presented from all fields of electronics and computer science. The best were awarded, and the first prized paper was sent to prestigious competition IEEE SPC 2018. The collaboration paper of the students from Niš and Belgrade, in competition with 21 students from the IEEE Region 8, entered the "Top 5" and will be presented at the Melecon 2018 International Conference held in Marrakech, Morocco. The papers were evaluated by a four-member jury consisting of professors from Morocco, Cyprus, Macedonia and Malta. The papers are from Austria, Belgium, Egypt, Greece, Iran, Jordan, Malta, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain and Turkey. We need to make an additional effort to provide funds for the other participant. According to the rules of the organizer of this competition, the costs are covered only for one participant. It would be nice for both authors to go to the final competition. "Our ten-year work has paid off and is finally crowned with a significant prize, such as the final of student works competition within the IEEE region 8".



Danijel Danković
IEEESTEC Student's Conference Secretariat
Faculty of Electronic Engineering
University of Niš
Aleksandra Medvedeva 14, 18000 Niš

Organized by:

IEEE Student Branch Niš
Faculty of Electronic Engineering Niš

With the cooperation of:

IEEE Serbia and Montenegro Section
IEEE Electron Devices/Solid-State Circuits Chapter
IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Chapter
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA), Branch Niš
IEEE WIE Affinity Group


Danijel Danković, University of Niš, Serbia

Vice Chairman:

Dušan Vučković, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Miloš Marjanović, University of Niš, Serbia

Editors of Proceedings:

Prof. dr Ninoslav Stojadinović
Prof. dr Vera Marković
Prof. dr Danijel Danković
Prof. dr Zlatica Marinković


Nikola Simić
Dragana Dimitrijević
Đorđe Veličković
Miloš Mitić
Nikola Krstić
Milan Stojanović
Nikola Mitrović
Nikola Radisavljević
Milan Ivković
Marija Živković
Filip Đorović
Stefan Jovanović
Miljan Jerotijević
Anđela Kocić
Jana Vračar
Sandra Veljković
Milivoje Mihajlović
We want to invite you to submit your papers from your study field for our 11th IEEESTEC International Student's Conference, which will be organized in November of 2018 at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš. As in previous years, on conference will be presented student's papers from computer science, electronics, control systems, power engineering, microelectronics etc.

Deadline for paper submission: 30.9.2018.

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